Depend on you

funny how one little message can turn your day around whenever I'm feeling down as soon as I hear from you I'm found I feel loved and interesting and funny and worthy of you


I think too much about how I miss you how I wish I'd been braver wish I'd told you just how much you mean to me about how I wanted to be more than friends now everything's gone but old conversations and the picture on my desk I just want things back the way they … Continue reading Overflowing


you pointed me out to your friends and called me gorgeous how strange to hear those words from another girl's mouth how different from the way my mother calls me gorgeous how new the knowledge that somebody feels something for me


Weary boughs drag rivulets through the swollen banks, travelling at a dreary, menacing crawl. Crocodiles coast along below the murky surface, through more muck than water, oblivious to the cries of mournful birds. A battered and filthy Frisbee floats belly-up, never held again.